SPO Signup Form

Read about Series 2 SPO signups here on our Medium post.


  • Pool must have made a minimum of ten blocks
  • Must be operated by a community member*
* We will not make cards for exchanges or large corporations
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Pool description:
Pool contact info:
Apply for badges:
  • ITN: Verified incentivized testnet pool (via PoolTool.io)
  • Ambassador: Current Cardano Ambassador
  • Ladies of Cardano: Member of the Women in Blockchain portfolio
  • Developer: Developer of projects/tools/services used by the Cardano community.
  • Creator: Creator of a significant amount of Cardano community content (blog, education, artwork, etc.)
  • Podcaster: Cardano community podcast host (YouTube, Spotify, etc)
  • Special Badge: Special projects/services widely used by the Cardano community.
Support tier:
Support Tiers Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Stake pool cards included in AdaCard releases (500 blocks maximum)
Card redesigns 1 3 5 Unlimited
Percentage of stake pool cards sent to SPO (80% common | 20% rare) 0% 1% (minimum 1 card) 5% (minimum 3 cards) 5% (minimum 3 cards)
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