AdaCard #4433 (common)

Block Number: 5965833

Block Time: 2021-07-11T13:09:57Z

Epoch: 277

Pool Ticker: CEMA1

Pool Block Number: 298

Country: Luxembourg

Pool Badges: ITN

AdaCard #8347 (epic)

Block Number: 5441706

Block Time: 2021-03-10T03:12:17Z

Epoch: 252

Pool Ticker: ANP

Pool Block Number: 200

Country: Norway

Pool Badges: ITN

Card Badges: Pool Block #200

AdaCard #10329 (common)

Block Number: 6074528

Block Time: 2021-08-05T23:41:43Z

Epoch: 282

Pool Ticker: CFLOW

Pool Block Number: 2729

Country: England

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano

AdaCard #11210 (common)

Block Number: 5521976

Block Time: 2021-03-29T06:49:55Z

Epoch: 256

Pool Ticker: CHEAP

Pool Block Number: 1372

Country: New Zealand

Pool Badges: ITN

AdaCard #13948 (common)

Block Number: 4744084

Block Time: 2020-09-27T10:32:38Z

Epoch: 219

Pool Ticker: ATADA

Pool Block Number: 516

Country: Austria

Pool Badges: ITN, Developer

AdaCard #14633 (uncommon)

Block Number: 5852810

Block Time: 2021-06-15T04:51:17Z

Epoch: 272

Pool Ticker: BRADA

Pool Block Number: 808

Country: Brazil

Pool Badges: Ambassador

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (272)

AdaCard #16548 (common)

Block Number: 6048586

Block Time: 2021-07-30T22:54:47Z

Epoch: 281

Pool Ticker: HUSKY

Pool Block Number: 895

Country: Estonia

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Creator

AdaCard #17649 (common)

Block Number: 5197177

Block Time: 2021-01-11T22:51:50Z

Epoch: 241

Pool Ticker: CARDS

Pool Block Number: 115

Country: Brazil

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Creator, Podcaster

AdaCard #17829 (common)

Block Number: 5290815

Block Time: 2021-02-02T18:17:34Z

Epoch: 245

Pool Ticker: BAKE1

Pool Block Number: 302

Country: Switzerland

Pool Badges: ITN

AdaCard #26069 (common)

Block Number: 5525976

Block Time: 2021-03-30T05:29:34Z

Epoch: 256

Pool Ticker: FAY

Pool Block Number: 171

Country: Czech Republic,Ireland

Pool Badges: Creator