AdaCard #184 (uncommon)

Block Number: 5343251

Block Time: 2021-02-14T23:04:33Z

Epoch: 248

Pool Ticker: KIWI

Pool Block Number: 1009

Country: New Zealand

Pool Badges: ITN,

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (248)

AdaCard #5473 (common)

Block Number: 5068324

Block Time: 2020-12-12T14:23:41Z

Epoch: 235

Pool Ticker: CARDS

Pool Block Number: 42

Country: Brazil

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Creator, Podcaster

AdaCard #6785 (common)

Block Number: 5667360

Block Time: 2021-05-02T20:10:04Z

Epoch: 263

Pool Ticker: HUSKY

Pool Block Number: 332

Country: Estonia

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Creator

AdaCard #9199 (common)

Block Number: 6038052

Block Time: 2021-07-28T11:03:34Z

Epoch: 280

Pool Ticker: EGGS

Pool Block Number: 314

Country: Austria

AdaCard #12374 (epic)

Block Number: 6082815

Block Time: 2021-08-07T22:18:11Z

Epoch: 282

Pool Ticker: BERRY

Pool Block Number: 200

Country: Germany,Canada

Pool Badges: Developer, SpaceBudz Creator

Card Badges: Pool Block #200

AdaCard #12457 (common)

Block Number: 5901523

Block Time: 2021-06-26T12:18:43Z

Epoch: 274

Pool Ticker: CEMA1

Pool Block Number: 278

Country: Luxembourg

Pool Badges: ITN

AdaCard #16454 (uncommon)

Block Number: 4853791

Block Time: 2020-10-22T23:29:20Z

Epoch: 225

Pool Ticker: SWAG

Pool Block Number: 179

Country: United States

Pool Badges: Creator, AdaPulse Founder

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (225)

AdaCard #21419 (common)

Block Number: 5859547

Block Time: 2021-06-16T18:41:48Z

Epoch: 272

Pool Ticker: SMAUG

Pool Block Number: 493

Country: France

Pool Badges: Developer, Creator

AdaCard #22443 (common)

Block Number: 5986842

Block Time: 2021-07-16T11:06:34Z

Epoch: 278

Pool Ticker: CFLOW

Pool Block Number: 2506

Country: England

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano

AdaCard #25936 (common)

Block Number: 5347265

Block Time: 2021-02-15T21:34:42Z

Epoch: 248

Pool Ticker: FAY

Pool Block Number: 38

Country: Czech Republic,Ireland

Pool Badges: Creator