AdaCard #1287 (common)

Block Number: 5164302

Block Time: 2021-01-04T05:45:46Z

Epoch: 239

Pool Ticker: FROG

Pool Block Number: 181

Country: United States

Pool Badges: ITN, Developer, Creator

AdaCard #1740 (common)

Block Number: 5444591

Block Time: 2021-03-10T19:42:25Z

Epoch: 252

Pool Ticker: DEAD

Pool Block Number: 268

Country: South Korea

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Podcaster

AdaCard #2658 (uncommon)

Block Number: 4726327

Block Time: 2020-09-23T07:05:52Z

Epoch: 219

Pool Ticker: KIWI

Pool Block Number: 79

Country: New Zealand

Pool Badges: ITN,

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (219)

AdaCard #5209 (common)

Block Number: 5827671

Block Time: 2021-06-09T07:29:56Z

Epoch: 270

Pool Ticker: BRADA

Pool Block Number: 761

Country: Brazil

Pool Badges: Ambassador

AdaCard #6679 (rare)

Block Number: 5722527

Block Time: 2021-05-15T20:23:55Z

Epoch: 265

Pool Ticker: SQUID

Pool Block Number: 590

Country: United States

Pool Badges: ITN, Developer

Card Badges: Pool Block #590

AdaCard #8743 (common)

Block Number: 5748561

Block Time: 2021-05-21T22:10:45Z

Epoch: 267

Pool Ticker: VEGAS

Pool Block Number: 203

Country: England

Pool Badges: Developer

AdaCard #9610 (uncommon)

Block Number: 5744939

Block Time: 2021-05-21T02:02:01Z

Epoch: 267

Pool Ticker: DOLCA

Pool Block Number: 164

Country: Czech Republic

Pool Badges: ITN

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (267)

AdaCard #17395 (common)

Block Number: 5425667

Block Time: 2021-03-06T08:16:03Z

Epoch: 251

Pool Ticker: CFLOW

Pool Block Number: 1034

Country: England

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano

AdaCard #26336 (common)

Block Number: 5507939

Block Time: 2021-03-25T22:14:57Z

Epoch: 255

Pool Ticker: SALAD

Pool Block Number: 175

Country: Italy

Pool Badges: ITN, Creator