AdaCard #207 (common)

Block Number: 5042889

Block Time: 2020-12-06T14:02:16Z

Epoch: 233

Pool Ticker: VIPER

Pool Block Number: 207

Country: United States

Pool Badges: ITN, Developer, Creator, adafolio Creator

AdaCard #667 (common)

Block Number: 4851945

Block Time: 2020-10-22T13:08:04Z

Epoch: 224

Pool Ticker: BLOCK

Pool Block Number: 45

Country: Denmark

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano Creator, Developer

AdaCard #1749 (common)

Block Number: 5457063

Block Time: 2021-03-13T19:10:27Z

Epoch: 253

Pool Ticker: DEAD

Pool Block Number: 277

Country: South Korea

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Podcaster

AdaCard #3362 (common)

Block Number: 4754141

Block Time: 2020-09-29T17:45:27Z

Epoch: 220

Pool Ticker: LOVE

Pool Block Number: 376

Country: United States

Pool Badges: ITN, Ambassador, Developer, PoolTool Creator

AdaCard #12100 (common)

Block Number: 4986892

Block Time: 2020-11-23T07:21:27Z

Epoch: 231

Pool Ticker: KAIZN

Pool Block Number: 853

Country: United States

Pool Badges: ITN, Ambassador, Creator, Podcaster

AdaCard #20586 (common)

Block Number: 5400369

Block Time: 2021-02-28T09:08:14Z

Epoch: 250

Pool Ticker: QUEEN

Pool Block Number: 995

Country: Ireland

Pool Badges: ITN, Podcaster

AdaCard #22829 (common)

Block Number: 5200177

Block Time: 2021-01-12T15:36:39Z

Epoch: 241

Pool Ticker: CSN1

Pool Block Number: 337

Country: India

Pool Badges: Developer, Cardanoscan Creator