AdaCard #8038 (common)

Block Number: 6131156

Block Time: 2021-08-19T04:39:31Z

Epoch: 285

Pool Ticker: NVSTX

Pool Block Number: 226

Country: United States

Pool Badges: Creator

AdaCard #8117 (common)

Block Number: 5358317

Block Time: 2021-02-18T11:59:13Z

Epoch: 248

Pool Ticker: XYZ

Pool Block Number: 69

Country: Senegal

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano, Creator, WADA Advisor

AdaCard #9303 (common)

Block Number: 4978475

Block Time: 2020-11-21T07:31:13Z

Epoch: 230

Pool Ticker: SWAG

Pool Block Number: 306

Country: United States

Pool Badges: Creator, AdaPulse Founder

AdaCard #9966 (common)

Block Number: 5708085

Block Time: 2021-05-12T11:59:37Z

Epoch: 265

Pool Ticker: ANP

Pool Block Number: 268

Country: Norway

Pool Badges: ITN,

AdaCard #15715 (common)

Block Number: 5296820

Block Time: 2021-02-04T03:24:54Z

Epoch: 245

Pool Ticker: ANQA

Pool Block Number: 99

Country: Nigeria

Pool Badges: ITN

AdaCard #18001 (common)

Block Number: 6076044

Block Time: 2021-08-06T08:02:11Z

Epoch: 282

Pool Ticker: PUDIM

Pool Block Number: 295

Country: Netherlands

Pool Badges: ITN, Creator

AdaCard #20405 (uncommon)

Block Number: 6002491

Block Time: 2021-07-20T03:14:09Z

Epoch: 279

Pool Ticker: BABEL

Pool Block Number: 147

Country: Germany

Pool Badges: Developer, Creator

Card Badges: 1st Epoch Block (279)

AdaCard #21244 (common)

Block Number: 6015548

Block Time: 2021-07-23T04:15:58Z

Epoch: 279

Pool Ticker: CFLOW

Pool Block Number: 2574

Country: England

Pool Badges: Ladies of Cardano

AdaCard #22312 (common)

Block Number: 5871730

Block Time: 2021-06-19T14:03:18Z

Epoch: 272

Pool Ticker: OTG

Pool Block Number: 162

Country: United States

Pool Badges: Developer, Creator

AdaCard #22864 (common)

Block Number: 5267490

Block Time: 2021-01-28T07:32:35Z

Epoch: 244

Pool Ticker: DOLCA

Pool Block Number: 43

Country: Czech Republic

Pool Badges: ITN